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Intelligent Operator Panels : WebOP Series
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WebOP Designer Release Note

WebOP Designer V2.0.0
New Features 1. Supports Ethernet IP driver for Allen Bradley CompacLogic.
2. Supports VNC functions for remote monitoring and control.
3. New Icons for toolbars.
4. Supports USB barcode readers.
5. New macro commands:
OpenScreen, CloseScreen, GetID, GET_BAR_CODE.
6. Exponential display format supported.
7. Schedule function support - One-week selection.
8. Up to 80 schedules can be defined. (V1.2 supports 48 schedules).
9. Up to 64 discrete alarm blocks can be created. (V1.2 supports 16 blocks).
10. Up to 64 analog alarm blocks can be created. (V1.2 supports 16 blocks).
WebOP Designer V1.2.96
New Features The internal memory of an HMI unit can be accessed using a straight through Ethernet cable.
Fixed Bugs 1. The drop list for selecting memory type showed blank or incomplete selections sometimes with Windows 7 64-bit.
2. Double-clicking the error message of a sub-macro reported in the Build List would not bring up the sub-macro.
3. The vertical grid line to the right of the field of the sequence number would not show when the date field was not displayed.
4. The scroll bar of the drop list would not display if the visibility of the object was controlled by something.
5. When the indicator of a meter moved, the objects on the meter would flash.
6. A window screen could not be closed by the macro command CLOSE_WS if the window screen was not the top most screen when the macro command was executed.
7. The sub-link communications would not work if someone viewed the link settings in Panel Setup.
WebOP Designer V1.2.95
Fixed Bugs 1. Solved WebOP-2000T series error when saving applications to HMI units.
2. In the Data Logger dialog box, the specified Read Address would be erased whenever the Sampling Method was changed.
3. When you changed the toning method of a picture, the software would not re-draw the object to show the change if the picture was specified to fit the object.
4. When the discrete alarm block was set to Random Bits some of the random bits were not selected to be monitored. The problem might cause the HMI unit to fail to detect the alarms of other discrete alarm blocks.
5. The communication driver of General Devicefor Windows could not perform the RESET function properly.
6. The trend curves would be drawn incorrectly when the associated data items were specified to be scaled in the Data Logger dialog box.
WebOP Designer V1.2.94
New Features 1. Selecting an object on the screen can highlight the corresponding item on the object list.
2. The following devices are now supported by the Online simulation for Ethernet sub-links:
a. Modicon Corp. Modbus Device/Slave (TCP/IP)
b. Modicon Corp. Modbus Device/Slave (TCP/IP; Type 2)
c. PanelMaster Modbus Device/Slave (TCP/IP)
3. The Text Database tables can now use copy, paste and delete using the Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V,and Del keys.
4. Automatic file saving supported.
Previously The HMI would not perform automatic file saving operations when designated storage devices were not available if the system word $S557 is set to 1. With this feature, no error messages would be displayed to interfere or block the normal operations/views when such conditions occur.
Fixed Bugs 1. A bug occurred when compiling an application with so much text that it exceeded the size of the NOR flash ROM in the target HMI. The compiler failed to put the text in NAND flash ROM instead and reported an insufficient ROM space error.
2. Solved issue of users not being able to use Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V to copy/paste a tag name in Tag Editor.
3. Solved Tag Editor importing tags, and displaying tags incorrectly.
4. Solved software problem of it not being able to memorize the show/hide status of Toolbars.
5. Solved issue of users not being able to change the background color using the text toolbar.
6. Solved the problem of the software not searching text objects when it tried to find a string in the addresses of the visible control bits of the objects in the search domain.
7. Solved issue of HMI crashing when there was an alarm block that none of its alarms used (monitored).
8. Solved problem of HMI crashing when the time range was set to 0.
9. Solved issue of trend line was not being drawn to the last point in some cases.