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DTOS Application Stories


Advantech DTOS team has involved in the embedded industry for years serving dedicated and streamlined customization services to enable a variety of applications in the market.

Air Compressor Manufacturing: Tong Cheng Launches Intelligent Solution with Innovative Service Model on the WISE-PaaS Cloud Platform
Tong Chen as WISE-PaaS VIP member successfully develop a cutting-edge intelligent solution powered by WISE-PaaS cloud to improves its overall competitiveness also unlocks the convenience and benefits of Industry 4.0.
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Medical Operating Room Gateway for Intelligent Equipment Monitoring
A leading medical technology company founded in the 1940s was looking to offer a diverse array of innovative products and services in medical and surgical equipment, orthopedics, and neurotechnology.
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Type7 COM Express Modules make scattered outdoor workstations more reliable and easier to manage
Energy management in harsh environments and low population areas presents an array of challenges. In this case, Advantech’s customer sought a sturdy and reliable solution capable of providing stable, non-stop service across an extensive geographic area.
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Remote Monitoring System Optimizes IC Testing Workflow Efficiency and Productivity
With the increased availability of IoT technology, the company decided to change their old conventional methods in the IC testing department. They sought help from an IT integrator company, and decided to deploy Advantech’s edge intelligence server in place of their standard PCs. They decided to construct a remote monitoring control system.
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Plastic Injection Molding Facilities Got Digital Transformation
Sunstige is an IT company commissioned by one of Taiwan’s most renowned plastic injection molding service providers, which supplies IoT solutions designed to break down the barriers many traditional manufacturing plants have faced on their road to Industry 4.0 manufacturing and management.
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