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Wireless Sensor Network

Módulos de Condicionamento de Sinal e Placas Terminais

A linha ADAM-3000 consistem nos condicionadores de sinais configuráveis baseados em isolamento de bom custo-benefício para o mercado de hoje, incluindo módulos de condicionamento de sinal, I/Os isolados digitais, Fiação I/O para Placas Terminais, e Fiação I/O Geral. Os módulos de condicionamento de sinais são facilmente instalados para proteger os seus instrumentos e sinais de processo contra os efeitos nocivos dos loops de terra, o ruído do motor e outras interferências elétricas.

  • Signal Conditioning Modules

    Signal Conditioning Modules

    Advantech signal conditioner for data acquisition systems provides sensor and signal conditioning on a per-module basis for variant type of sensor or signal. Depending on your specific application needs, including acquisition speed, and sensor types

  • Isolated Digital I/O Terminals

    Isolated Digital I/O Terminals

    The series Isolated Digital I/O terminals boards offer isolated digital input channels as well as isolated digital output channels with isolation up to 2500 VDC which makes it ideal for industrial applications where high-voltage isolation is required. In addition, all output channels are provided high-voltage protection.

  • I/O Wiring Terminal Boards (ADAM-3900 & PCLD Series)

    I/O Wiring Terminal Boards (ADAM-3900 & PCLD Series)

    The ADAM-3000 series modules are the most cost-efficient, field configurable isolation-based signal conditioners on the market today. These modules are easily installed to protect your instruments and process signals from the harmful effects of ground loops, motor noise, and other electrical interference.

  • I/O Wiring Cable (PCL Series)

    I/O Wiring Cable (PCL Series)

    The PCL-1050 series consists of a set of convenient wiring accessories designed for use with I/O cards such as PCL-711, PCL-812PG, PCL-818H and PCL-720. With this set, field wiring becomes a much easier job. The set includes the following items:

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    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference

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