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Wireless Sensor Network

Software para Jogos

A plataforma para Jogos da Advantech-Innocore fornece uma ampla variedade de pacotes de software e suporte para acelerar o ciclo de desenvolvimento do cliente. Assim como os pacotes de suporte à placa com drivers altamente robustos e cobertura total para as plataformas de hardware, oferecemos uma variedade de produtos de software, incluindo bibliotecas de protocolos de periféricos, suítes de segurança e softwares de diagnóstico e teste que ajudam a desenvolver as soluções para jogos mais adequadas.

  • Software Overview

    Software Overview

    Advantech-Innocore supplies a wide range of software packages including security suites, firmware / BIOS, Board Support Package and Utility/ Development support to accelerate the customer's development cycle. As well as board support packages with highly robust drivers and edge-to-edge coverage for the hardware platforms, ...

  • Board Support Package

    Board Support Package

    Board support packages provide edge-to-edge software support such as Microsoft Windows embedded OS and range of embedded Linux. For each DPX®-Series main-board, a full set of drivers is supplied for all standard PC functions as well as all gaming specific hardware features. Board support packages are provided for Microsoft®...

  • Security


    SecureBootTM and TPM Suite are two significant security packages offer customizable protection for your software and hardware investment. SecureBootTM is aimed at markets where boot-time verification must be provided over what software runs. TPM Suite is aimed at securing the game environment against copying and tampering, ...

  • Firmware/BIOS


    Advantech Firmware/BIOS gaming-specific firmware and software customization services including BIOS and TPM suit that deliver superior performance, compatibility and functionality and also provide information encryption, which is expected by manufacturers of gaming platforms. Customized BIOS images are available for DPX®-...

  • Utility/Development


    Advantech Utility/Development offers a range of software packages to meet a variety of communication needs when adding peripherals such as DirectPCI SDK Run-time, OneWire/iButton® and DPX® Connector SDK to a gaming system. DirectPCI SDK Run-time provides API libraries, demo code and utilities for handling peripherals that ...

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