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Wireless Sensor Network

10-minute Startup for Your ARM Project
Designed to assist developers get up and running quickly on ARM-based platforms and applications. Advantech Industrial ARM starter kit is a complete package that includes the basic components necessary to quickly start development on ARM architectures.
Speed up Your Wireless IoT Sensor Applications with M2.COM Starter Kit
To assist developers to quickly connect sensor to cloud, Advantech WISE-DK1520 sensor node starter kit provides a complete solution covering certified wireless hardware, SDK tool, WISE-PaaS cloud platform.
Expand Your Business with Microsoft IoT Solution
Microsoft and Advantech are ready to serve you with our total solutions for the IoT era. We are pleased to announce our support of the newly released Microsoft IoT Solution with Microsoft Azure cloud services. With Microsoft Azure, your business can be transformed quickly and easily, connecting intelligent devices, activating sorted data in the cloud and enjoying fast, customized analytic tools with Azure.
Secured Gaming Solutions for Regulated Casino Markets
Advantech-Innocore has a great deal of experience supplying to the gaming vertical market for over 15 years. Advantech-Innocore range of industrial computer boards and systems for gaming support Intel core and AMD specifically designed for casino slot games, multiplayer games, electronic gaming machines, Class II, VLT, AWP and video slot machines.
Modular System for Quick Equipment Integration
Advantech fanless embedded systems are designed to give developers fast, convenient and simplified solutions for industrial and embedded applications. With Advantech modular I/O design, customers can rapidly implement diverse applications and maximize the resulting benefits.
SQFlash Enterprise SSD Solutions
Thriving IoT opportunities bring huge demands for data processing, with big data computing requiring not only the most powerful CPUs, but also the highest performing SSD storage. So how do we go about choosing the most secure and reliable enterprise-level SSD solutions?Read on to learn more about the value you get from Advantech’s SQFlash Enterprise SSD solutions.