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Date: 8/4/2011 12:00:00 AM
The recent introduction of the AMD Fusion family of APUs solves the need for efficient computational performance andgraphics for portable and fixed embedded imaging, casino gaming, digital signage, thin client and in-vehicle applications.Previous processing platforms were either light on graphics rendering or consumed too much power, leading to poor userexperiences, reduced battery life, and/or heat removal concerns. AMD’s Fusion family of processors is considered an APU(Accelerated Processing Unit) because it integrates a CPU and a discrete-class GPU on the same die, thereby improvinggraphics data bandwidth while reducing power consumption. These benefits are now available to the broad embeddedcomputing market thanks to Advantech’s deployment of AMD’s Fusion family on a number of standard board form factorsincluding the AIMB-223 Mini-ITX SBC and the brand-new MIO-5270 SBC.