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Advantech to showcase Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) for All-in-one Signage Applications
Feb 8 2018, Breda–Advantech (2395.TW), a global embedded computing leader providing embedded platforms across versatile vertical markets, is proud to present DS-200, a modular signage solution for all-in-one applications, at the ISE 2018 show in collaboration...
ROM-7510 Qseven Module with Integrated Cortex®-A15 and DSP Processors for Accelerated Multimedia and Industrial Communication
Advantech has announced the release of the latest ROM-7510 Qseven module. The ROM-7510 is powered by TI’s AM5728, consisting of dual Arm® Cortex®-A15 microprocessors and dual TI C66x™ DSP processors, enabling high computing processing capability, accelerated...
Advantech Releases High Speed M.2 LTE Cat 6 Wireless Module Solutions
January 31, 2018, Taipei –Advantech (2395.TW), a global leader in the embedded market, is glad to introduce a new series of wireless products into its lineup. EWM-C160 and EWM-C163 both adopt the new M.2 3042 form factor LTE Cat 6 with high-speed downlink...
DS-081 Delivers Immersive Digital Experiences in Quick Service Restaurants and Retail Applications
Dec, 2017, Taipei –Advantech (2395.TW), a global embedded computing leader providing embedded platforms across vertical markets, is excited to announce the launch of DS-081, a new innovative slim 4K digital signage player. This powerful 4K signage system...
Advantech SQRAM DDR4 2666 Server Memory Solutions Empower High Performance Computing Applications
Nov., 2017, Taipei –Advantech (2395.TW), a global leader in the embedded market, is glad to introduce a new memory product into its lineup. SQRAM DDR4 2666 server memory delivers exceptional performance and is fully compatible with Intel® Xeon® scalable...
High-Performance Edge Intelligence Server with WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense for IoT Manageability and Analytics
EIS-D150 is designed from the bottom up to provide centralized data management, edge analytics, and cloud connectivity to simplify IoT development, especially in equipment networking, machine-to-intelligence, and predictive maintenance applications.
Advantech Launches WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense to Enable Edge Intelligence and Sensing Integration
Advantech today announces the release of WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense, an edge intelligence and sensing integration software solution that incorporates sensor data aggregation, edge analytics, and cloud applications for the rapid and easy acquisition/analysis...
Advantech LoRaWAN™ Certified WISE-1510 M2.COM Sensor Node for LPWA IoT Application Deployment
Advantech, a global leader in embedded computing and IoT technology, is pleased to announce that its highly standardized M2.COM IoT LoRaWAN™ certified sensor node WISE-1510 with integrated ARM Cortex-M4 processor and LoRa transceiver, is able to provide...
Advantech Continues Major European Expansion with New Sweden Office
September 9th, 2017, Stockholm, – Advantech who is a leader in providing trusted innovative embedded, automation products and solutions is pleased to announce its expansion in the Nordics with a new office in Sweden, which will help the firm engage more...
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